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1. Payment mode
2. Replacement and returns
3. Shipping Prices
4.Who delivers the order

1. Payment methods
Asterwear is an ecommerce system that as a payment method has adopted the PayPal safe transition system™..
With a PayPal account™ you can make all your purchases safely, as you don't need to enter your financial information every time you buy and you don't even need to share personal data with the seller.

2. Replacements and Returns
Unfortunately the company with which we decided to collaborate does not allow to return purchased items, but do not fear for the street sizes is always the guide, following it you will not miss size!

3. Shipping Prices
Shipping prices are disclosed at the time of purchase of our product.

4.Who delivers the order
The delivery is managed by the same shirt printing company that once arrived relies on well-known and reliable couriers.